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Magnus Frodig – the man behind the exhibition

Even as a toddler, he was totally sold out on motorsports. He hung out with mates at the “Silltunnebanan” (the Herring Tub Track) in the village of Södra Vi where you gave it “full throttle”, jumped, flew, and dreamed of becoming a new Håkan Carlqvist or local star rider Leffe Niklasson.


Magnus himself competed in motocross between 1982 and 1986. After that, there were a couple of successful seasons in Europe on four wheels with Ferrari Challenge, but his love of motorcycle sport in general and Motocross in particular was there all the time – a passion that led him to begin buying and renovating old motocross bikes.


The collection grew and storage space at home started to run out. Magnus started thinking this might be something that would be of interest for more people than just himself. Here at home, it was just him and his closest circle of friends who could see and admire the results of his work. Having made up his mind, and as the man of action he is, Magnus and Leon Verheij began scouring the market in Europe for bikes that were worth saving and showcasing for posterity.

A blend of unique technical innovations and bikes that have won World Championships, ridden by the great sporting legends of Motocross and Enduro. Thus far, this has resulted in a collection of around 340 bikes where each machine has its own, unique story. And what we are seeing now is only the beginning...

This is something altogether unique for Sweden and Europe, so come on in and look around and enjoy several decades of MX history.


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